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medflex - Patient request management to improve efficiency for medical teams


medflex - Patient request management to improve efficiency for medical teams

Discovery, branding and implementation of a communication hub for medical communication between doctor’s offices and between doctor’s and patients

Services: Discovery, UX Design, Implementation

Medflex offers a secure messenger platform for communication between doctors and patients, as well as video consultations. However, since medical teams have to perform many tasks simultaneously, such as issuing prescriptions and scheduling appointments, medflex is expanding its offering with patient request management to provide a consolidated solution.

Tasks can be consolidated and divided for processing, enabling focused, efficient, and stress-free processing. This creates more time for medical teams and doctors, while patients benefit from easy and quick resolution of their requests. Medflex thus increases the usefulness and attractiveness of its solution.

In a nutshell:

  • By bundling patient inquiries, they can be processed by the practice team in a focused and efficient manner

  • Thus medflex responds to the demand of patients for appointment booking and coordination and develops from a pure messenger app to a holistic provider in the digital health care system.

  • With the help of the solution, medflex addresses the doctor’s office team as a new target group and increases the attractiveness on the market with the expanded range of services.

The Challenge

The medflex messenger offers secure communication between doctors and patients and is very popular with its users. medflex would like to further expand this success story. As internal resources were tied up with a large backend infrastructure project, medflex approached us with the question of how the messenger use case could be extended to offer users even more benefits.

The Result

A structured inbox enables the practice team to bundle tasks, delegate them efficiently within the team and process them asynchronously. Both doctor and practice team can edit, delete and reply to them. In view of the high complexity in everyday practice, this increase in efficiency creates a noticeable added value.

A widget for sending patient requests which can be integrated by the practice team into their website. The types of patient requests, such as an appointment or requesting a follow-up prescription, can be individually defined.

For each request, the user is guided through a user-friendly form. This ensures that the data relevant to the practice team arrives and can be processed efficiently. Developed in the form of an encapsulated mini-app, the widget could also be integrated into the existing Messenger service for patients. Due to the closely coordinated integration into the core product, no dependencies arose for medflex during the development of the widget. On the contrary: the product can be easily transferred and further developed internally at any time.

Our Approach

In the discovery phase, we compared the messenger with other solutions on the market and conducted intensive user research along the patient journey. In this way, we were able to identify a new target group in the form of the doctor’s office team, which has a strong influence on the decision-making processes. From this, a holistic, user-driven recommendation was derived for a product extension that meets the demand of both patients and practice teams.

Since the development team at medflex was busy with the further development of the core product, we also accompanied the implementation of the widget with the help of a cross-functional team. Numerous use cases, such as appointment requests or prescription extensions, were added, from which the user benefits directly through the website access of the doctor’s offices.



9 months


16 people



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Weitere Projekte & Produkte



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Announcement: just product Conference X DPM