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HearUSA - Enhancing Customer Experience through Digitalization

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HearUSA - Enhancing Customer Experience through Digitalization

A major player in the digital healthcare industry, HearUSA, was determined to become a pioneering market leader. With DPM's customer-centric approach and clear strategic roadmap, the client enhanced customer experience through an efficient appointment coordination systems, a new customer portal, and an SEO-driven content strategy. The result was boosted conversion rates, increased organic traffic, and a strong omnichannel presence, leading to improved sales and better hearing care.

Services: User Research, Digital Product Strategy, Product Management and Building, Content Strategy, Content Creation, User Experience Design, Digital Branding

The Challenge

The challenge at hand involved bundling various digitization initiatives within a complex corporate environment into a cohesive and strategic concept that encompassed all touchpoints. The task required identifying solutions that would generate maximum value and drive the digitization of both the client’s B2B and B2C business sectors. Enabling data-driven decision-making on a global scale was a critical aspect that needed to be addressed to support strategic business growth. Additionally, enhancing lead management quality for the client’s affiliates and corporate stores was a key objective.  Another challenge was to create a user-friendly and scalable design across all touchpoints, particularly emphasizing a mobile-first approach and ensuring accessibility for elderly users. Furthermore, developing a comprehensive content strategy that guided users through the sales funnel and engaged them throughout their entire journey was crucial.

The Result

The service offerings have been effectively translated and expanded into the digital era, leading to the successful implementation of the following deliverables:

WSA Roadmap

Strategic Roadmap

By consolidating over 60 initiatives into a single prioritization framework, we developed a strategic roadmap that integrated the most impactful solutions. This roadmap provided a clear vision and guided the transformation and digitization of their B2C business over a strategic three-year period.

WSA Affiliate Partner

Simplified Processes for Affiliate Partners

A prototype for a unified portal that encompassed all processes along the customer journey for both retail and network partners. This prototype provided a vision and feature specification for each functionality, making the long-term perspective more comprehensible and facilitating efficient collaboration.

WSA Dashboard

Customer-centric Dashboard

Development of a tailored customer-centric dashboard that brought transparency and efficiency to strategy setting. This dashboard provided key sales numbers, a funnel view, product and payer insights, as well as a forecasting-driven management view. We designed a vision prototype and created user stories, preparing the dashboard for seamless implementation.

WSA Retail Web Experience

Retail Web Experience

introduction of a scalable MVP, empowering consumers to take control of their hearing health. The retail customer portal offers a user-friendly interface with structured content, engaging consumers at every stage of their journey. With a mobile-first and age-friendly design, the portal ensures a seamless browsing experience. To maximize revenue growth and increase appointments, we implemented an SEO-driven content strategy that drives organic traffic to the portal.

Screenshot of Azelis Partner Portal

Cross-plattform Digital Experience

A comprehensive pattern library ensures a cohesive cross-platform digital experience. This library acted as a unified single source of truth, providing guidance and consistency for design, content, and development teams within the retail domain. It ensured a streamlined and cohesive approach across various touchpoints, facilitating efficient collaboration and maintaining a consistent brand experience.

Our Approach

Utilizing our holistic approach, we offered comprehensive support for planning and implementing a customer-centered digital experience, as well as developing innovative strategies and streamlining sales structures for enhanced efficiency. Our workshops with international stakeholders from diverse business functions proved invaluable in effectively consolidating individual digitalization initiatives. Additionally, through in-depth user research, we gained profound insights into the experiences, habits, and specific needs of the elderly user segments, enabling us to tailor the digital experience to their requirements effectively.

While collaborating with DPM, we were truly impressed by their seamless integration of strategy and implementation. The ability to have all our digitization initiatives handled by their interdisciplinary teams was incredibly valuable. Their proactive approach ensured that our goals and objectives were aligned, leading to a cohesive and successful outcome.

Adam Hockney Vice President Retail Transformation

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