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This is not about us. It's about you.

This is not about us. It's about you.

Your success is our top priority. We believe that creating, transforming, and scaling digital products can make a significant difference for your organisation and have a meaningful impact on the world around us.


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Fast Facts

With over 800 successful projects in the last 10 years and trusted partnerships with more than 140 customers, we know how to build successful digital products. Our expert teams bring together diverse knowledge from different industries and disciplines to work alongside you every step of the way. Together, we'll build robust digital touch points that enhance the customer journey and help you achieve success that truly matters.

Values that Drive Impact.

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Diverse Teams

At DPM, you will collaborate with a diverse team that is cross-functional and fully dedicated to your project. Because that’s how you’ll get the most value out of it.

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Pragmatic Solutions

We combine deep empathy and deep digital expertise to create pragmatic solutions with substance (that people love). Because that’s how you’ll get immediate value out of it.

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Meaningful Intent

We only work on projects that have meaningful impact and are beneficial to the human and planetary condition. Because that’s how you’ll get lasting value out of it.

Philosophy of Conscious Digital Products

The Philiosophy of Conscious Digital Products guides our product development process, ensuring that we prioritize creating solutions that address systemic issues and encourage users to adopt conscious habits and sustainable behaviors. We place a strong emphasis on accessibility, inclusivity, and transparency in our designs to increase the value of our products. Our ultimate goal is to make an immediate positive impact while leaving a sustainable legacy for future generations.

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"At DPM, we don't just talk about creating impact - we actively seek it out. We understand that our ability to make a difference relies on the partnerships we build with our clients, and that's why we're dedicated to using our digital expertise to shape technology in service of positive change. From driving sustainability to advancing social progress, we're committed to doing our part to build a better future for humanity and the planet. By prioritising the greater good in everything we do, we believe we can create lasting impact that benefits us all."

Kamila Stanitzek Managing Partner

Making a Difference Together

Join our network of forward-thinking businesses. We’ll connect you with like-minded individuals to discuss challenges, share ideas, and cultivate valuable partnerships.

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Announcement: just product Conference X DPM

Announcement: just product Conference X DPM