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Reboot to a user-centric digital landscape


Reboot to a user-centric digital landscape

With our multi-disciplinary support we paved the way for the digital future of boot manufacturer Dunlop Protective Footwear.

Services: Research & Discovery / Design & Development

By seamlessly integrating roles such as Product Owner, UX Architect, and Senior Designers into Dunlop’s team, we redefined their online presence and spearheaded their digital transformation.

The Challenge

Put yourself in Dunlop Protective Footwear’s shoes - a company endeavoring to adapt its digital strategy to meet the ever-evolving needs of both B2B and B2C users. In response to a surge in online engagement, Dunlop Protective Footwear recognized the imperative of enhancing their digital platforms.

Traditional processes had to be translated into new, online services and experiences. All the more challenging because it had to be integrated in an IT landscape that was constantly changing. So there were many dependencies on other partners. In addition, we had main contractor and we sent a technical implementation partner in this digital transformation.


Dunlop’s technical partner modelled an existing e-commerce solution into an on-brand digital platform. Our robust design system rigorously upholds Dunlops’ strong brand identity.

The launch of a B2B portal with all pre-defined functionalities was met after only 16 weeks. Extended with multi-lingual consumer facing storefronts a further 8 weeks later. Through an agile and iterative process we keep Dunlop Protective Footwear’s digital strategy adaptable to evolving user needs and market dynamics, in example:

  • An experiential page on Dunlops’ Slip, Trip and Fall (STF) Innovation Center was successfully introduced to Health & Safety professionals.

  • Towards boot-end-users our Fit Guide helps with the adoption of their new product innovation: the Sneaker-like fit for work boots.

Our Approach

Efficient implementation is preceded by a discovery phase and inception. By engaging with their target audience, we gained invaluable insights and identified critical touchpoints and pivotal areas for improvement within Dunlops’ existing digital ecosystem. By recognizing the significance of fostering internal support within Dunlop we steadfastly aligned business objectives through stakeholder management. This way risks were reduced before development was started.

All expectations, demands and knowledge were aligned into a clear product roadmap which offered steering for an agile implementation in two-week sprints.

At Die ProduktMacher, I found true professionals who genuinely understood the challenges we faced. After defining our digital strategy, their Product Owner enabled us to move swiftly and at scale. In just 16 weeks, we progressed from technical discovery to our first order via the B2B Portal. Moreover, within the initial 24 weeks, we realized an impressive 20 storefronts. Their collaborative approach and seamless integration of UX and design professionals with our team and third-party engineers ensured a cohesive development process. On a strategic level, DPM exhibited the right attitude and approach - consultative and patient, striking a balance between budget and ambition, and bridging the gap between reality and far-stretch innovation.

Geert Besten Digital Product Manager.


Project duration

28 weeks


3 years


6 Personen



Weitere Projekte & Produkte

Weitere Projekte & Produkte



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Announcement: just product Conference X DPM