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Freepik - Development of a product vision based on customer insights

Freepik - Development of a product vision based on customer insights

A comprehensive analysis of customer needs provides the basis for a clear picture of the future of Freepik's business model.

Services: Strategy, Discovery, UX Design, Data

Creation of a user-centric product vision and an implementation roadmap for the structured development of the value proposition and the Freepik business model, an ad-supported online portal for graphic resources.

The challenge

Pooling qualitative and quantitative data sources and conducting user research to evaluate customer groups, unique selling points and monetization models based on data and minimizing risks through user-focused product development.


A common strategy that is aligned with the company’s goals, validated and implemented based on user needs. A vision prototype is used to analyse the potential of a subscription model and identify value-creating product modifications. In addition, a product roadmap outlines the next steps towards implementation, while a testing backlog reduces risks through further validation phases.

Our approach

Scope & Explore: Hypothesis driven approach to deriving customer segments and opportunities in three different markets. Conducting a combination of data analysis, user research and market research to identify value propositions, conversion triggers, and USPs. Evaluation of the current offering based on a content and UX analysis and derivation of potentials.

Brainstorming and prototyping: Generation and prioritization of solutions. A rough concept maps the user flow along the most important pages for conversion.

Validation & Planning: Interviews and surveys validate solutions across user groups. An iterated vision prototype shows the rough concept of the user flow from the start page to conversion. A roadmap is used to prioritize the implementation and plan the next steps. A testing backlog collects further quantitative tests to reduce risks before and during implementation cycles.

Through the combination of quantitative data sources with the insights from the user research, we were able to derive potentials for the further development of our offer as well as long-term monetization opportunities. Close collaboration at all levels, from the implementation team to senior management, made it possible to create a product vision that could be translated into concrete work packages. This has produced a clear vision for the future of our business model.

Carmen Guerrero Martínez CMO Freepik



approx. 4 month


> 9 people


Munich & Málaga

Weitere Projekte & Produkte

Weitere Projekte & Produkte



Announcement: just product Conference X DPM

Announcement: just product Conference X DPM