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The AutoScout24 Chatbot in the consultation on cars


The AutoScout24 Chatbot in the consultation on cars

AutoScout24 goes next-generation in vehicle consulting and extends the customer journey of the core product through innovation. The AutoScout24 Chatbot advises you on which car exactly matches your needs. Step by step, the user is guided through the decision-making process. The bot replaces the time-consuming process of finding the right car with clear questions and provides a pre-selection and suggestions for vehicles that exactly fit the user.

Project description

  • Development of a new target group, which is not yet limited to a specific type of car
  • Consulting this target group using a conversational interface (Facebook Chatbot), recording the user’s requirements and recommending vehicle models
  • A dialogue and predefined answers make the consulting process appropriate, fast and understandable
  • The consultant supports the user from the requirements to the agreement of the test-drive
  • The so far usual industry concept of the search mask is completely broken open and revolutionized by the Chatbot

Procedure & Validation

  • Lean & Iterative approach - from MVP to validated product
  • User feedback and expert interviews as an integral part of our approach, obtained in several project stages to evaluate the problem and validate the product
  • Data Science components to further optimize the results
  • Product iteration and validation as an integral part of the project process

Technological features

  • Cost-efficient cloud-native setup in AWS
  • Automatic scaling using AWS lambda
  • Deployment Serverless-Framework
  • Implementation of a serverless plugin for handling API credentials
  • Creation of a serverless plugin to simplify the development workflow
  • Connection RESTful-APIs for vehicle and offer data
  • Use of Redux State Manager for consistent handling of user input and results
  • Connection Dialogflow (formerly for intent/entity recognition for free text input
  • Integration of web view forms with data flow from messenger session to web views and back


  • Development of new audiences through new channels
  • Direct contact with the user at an early stage in the Customer Journey
  • Offering solutions earlier in the user journey
  • 80% conversion from the beginning of the dialog to the result page
  • Entire workflow from vehicle decision to test drive in one medium


The exciting part of the project has been the combination of new technology and new audience. This allowed us to expand the customer experience, to get in touch much earlier during the customer journey and, above all, to improve the overall journey through innovation in the interest of the user. This is how we prefer to work.

Fabian Dill Managing Partner


6 Monate




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Weitere Projekte & Produkte



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Announcement: just product Conference X DPM