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Virtual Showroom - revolutionary shopping experience


Virtual Showroom - revolutionary shopping experience

Together with Chrono24 we developed an innovative augmented reality tool. As part of the current app, users will be able to display selected watches realistically on their wrist.

Seamless appearance

In close cooperation with Chrono24, we designed a concept for the integration into the current application so that millions of users can access the new feature through a simple update. It was especially important to highlight the new user interface and explain the individual steps.


Innovative Technology

To provide the best user experience, we used the latest technologies. To create the cylindrical band tracking we used the Vuforia Framework, while simultaneously using the metal renderer for the scene to achieve a realistic representation. The biggest challenge was the smooth transition between the virtual fitting and the preview in the room.

Unique shopping experience

Correct scale and high level of detail allow users to try the models from anywhere in the world and without investing a lot of time in an appointment. In addition, it is possible to set and save the required size of the bracelet.

Prepared for the future

By integrating it within the existing product, Chrono24 was able to establish itself as a pioneer for AR in e-commerce, yet: “After the first release means before the release!”

Due to the extremely positive feedback and the technological developments, the database of models will be further expanded in the next steps, usability will be improved and the experience will be made even more realistic and therefore more convincing. We are looking forward to continue developing the future of virtual experiences together!








Further Information

Weitere Projekte & Produkte

Weitere Projekte & Produkte



Announcement: just product Conference X DPM

Announcement: just product Conference X DPM