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appliedAI - Development of a new website for AI Initiative


appliedAI - Development of a new website for AI Initiative

Artificial Intelligence represents progress and modern technologies. appliedAI contributes to this innovation with its partner network. Together, we completely redesigned the website.

Services: UX-Design, Technische Umsetzung, Website Relaunch

appliedAI supports its partners during their transformations in the field of AI. From technology to strategy, the organization helps to establish artificial intelligence.

The existing website was rethought in terms of concept and subjected to a complete redesign. Technologically, a new foundation was created to maintain content flexibly. In addition, a login area has been created for the network partners to become the central contact point for further content.

appliedAI guides companies to AI capability as a neutral partner.


Our challenge

In what way can the complex topic of AI be presented in a clear way? How can services be communicated that have so far been a question in many organizations?

Furthermore, the appliedAI initiative does not represent a classic “client-contractor” relationship. The aim was to present the network of strong partners from industry, economy and technology, which support each other and learn from each other within the appliedAI initiative.


The first step focused on developing an understanding for the services of appliedAI. In addition, we have analyzed by screening the target group which actors are related to appliedAI. On this basis we were able to specify the customer communication and develop clear goals for the relaunch of the website.

Customer journey and structures

In this workshop, the focus was on simplifying of existing structures and the creation of a sitemap with a clear goal definition: a completely clear insight into appliedAI.

Through a customer journey we were able to answer further important questions to understand the interaction. Where are the customers’ touchpoints with the website? How long do they stay there and what issues are they interested in?

Hero Story and contents

The next step was to define the concrete contents of each page. A hero story was defined as the basis for deriving a consistent storyline from the start page across all sub-pages.

The relationship of appliedAI to its customers was to be conveyed through storytelling. In this process, appliedAI takes on the role of the guide, who will show the hero (his customer) the right way to AI mastership. Through the hero story this relationship was made clear and important factors in the cooperation were highlighted

Our goal was to turn the identified weaknesses of the former website into strengths of the new website.


Concept & Design

When designing the website, our focus was on continuing the existing CI. The keywords AI, data and openness to explore for innovative solutions were to be reflected in the design. A modern colour, typo and icon concept was derived from this. The colour style and language created a visualisation between innovation and technology.


"Working out the story of appliedAI and its partners was the basis for us to develop a consistent structure and a coherent design for the website."

Simon Hanke Designer

AI combines data and technologies - an environment full of opportunities and experiments.

The modern typography and optimistically technoid colour scheme should be reflected in it.

The modular system provides flexibility and enables a consistent design.

CMS and training

CraftCMS was chosen for the content management system. With its high flexibility and available plug-ins, it ideally covered the desired requirements. According to the concept, content types, modules and their relations were implemented in the CMS data model. Necessary plug-ins and extensions were installed and configured.

In a joint training course, common use cases for content maintenance were played through. Any questions that arose could be addressed directly. In this way, the team was perfectly able to get to familiar with the functions of the new CMS.

The website could then be handed over to the appliedAI team for independent maintenance and further development.

DieProduktMacher have proven to us several times and consistently as a trustworthy, fast, solid and technically experienced partner. Above all, it is important for us to make decisions with technical foresight. DieProduktMacher have always pushed us in the right direction and provided answers instead of "even more questions". We are looking forward to further joint work!

Alexander Waldmann Director of Operations and Technology, appliedAI


The appliedAI project has once again shown what is most important when using data and AI: communication. Even if the concepts and underlying technologies are complex, it is all the more important to explain the added value and the handling of AI in a simple way. Only in this way can we successfully exploit the acceptance and use of these diverse possibilities.

Fabian Dill Managing Partner



4 months


4 people



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Weitere Projekte & Produkte



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