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New member of the team: Thomas Spenler


Thomas |

09. Dez. 2019 |

- min Lesezeit

New member of the team: Thomas Spenler
After having worked as UX consultant at larger online/digital agencies Thomas joined DieProduktMacher as UX designer in March ‘19. Here is why:

Where I come from

Having spent all of my professional life in the UX consulting area I wanted to do what? Exactly! Continue to do so. And maybe add a little touch of UI design.
It amazes me how UX is an ever changing topic. New technologies, methodologies and whatevergies arise on a regular basis. You as a professional can and must change and adapt with the topic. It just never gets boring. However what stayed true over the years is that we must put the user in the center of our thinking, never neglecting the goals of the partner we work with though.
Being a UX designer satisfies my inner Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I must work in a very structured and analytical way in the one phase, and can be creative and playful in the next.

Why DieProduktMacher

This diverse, ambivalent Jekyll and Hyde thing is also what brought me to DieProduktMacher. Here I can work on client projects varying largely in focus and tasks, plus we have the freedom of developing our own products.
Furthermore, the U in UX at DieProduktMacher is not just part of the term. It has a huge impact on the things we do and how we do them.
What else appeals to me is the truly interdisciplinary, modern and transparent culture, and of course all the other Jekylls and Hydes here at DieProduktMacher.

Looking forward to the future

The best project is always the next. A new opportunity to apply everything you learned throughout the preceding projects. A new take on trying out stuff you always wanted to try out. A new chance for a new whatevergy that might have popped up out of nowhere to come into play. I’m looking forward to it. It just never gets boring.

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