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New member of the team: Niklas Possinger


Niklas |

22. Apr. 2020 |

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New member of the team: Niklas Possinger
While writing his master’s thesis, Niklas got in contact with DieProduktMacher and a couple of months later, in November 2019, he joined the team as a Product Manager. He will tell you the complete story himself.

Like a lot of people, after graduating from high school I was unsure about what to do next. Being a curious person having multiple fields of interest, I didn’t want to become a one-trick pony. Therefore, I chose a bachelor’s program with both a focus on engineering and management in Munich. This rather comprehensive approach helped me to get a deeper understanding of products from different angles early. During the program, to gain intercultural competencies and see another part of the world, I also took the chance to study for a semester abroad in California at CalPoly. There, with a couple of fellow American students, I completed one of my first product management projects about an all-in-one tool for car mechanics which motivated me to pursue product innovation.

Digital Product Management

During my master’s program in Digital Technology Management, I was able to get hands-on experience in solving digitalization and innovation-related problems in direct collaboration with organizations. In an international project with a Finnish university and a consultancy providing software solutions for logistics companies, for example, fulfilling the role as Product Owner, my team and I developed a small gamification web app which turned out to be a very valuable experience. At the end of my studies, while working on my master’s thesis on establishing an organizational innovation network for the fuzzy front end, I interviewed Fabian and first got in contact with DPM. My research focused on how to cope with the various psychological idiosyncrasies occurring while performing innovation-related activities. This is what fascinates me about innovation – it breaks stagnation and monotony.

Why DieProduktMacher?

Curiosity has always played a big role in my life and led me to try out various fields during working student jobs, internships and luckily projects within my master’s degree program. Here, exploring, ideating, and developing concepts with always having a foot in deep technology to solve diverse customer problems motivates me. I am looking forward to an innovative future at DieProduktMacher! Of course, I will also share an inspirational quote with those who read this article until the end. Even though it may be not proven that Albert Einstein said it, I strongly identify with the content regardless of whoever said it first:

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

Albert Einstein

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