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New member of the team: Robbie Redfearn


Robbie |

28. Juli 2020 |

- min Lesezeit

New member of the team: Robbie Redfearn
Robbie joined DieProduktMacher as a software engineer in May 2020. Why he fell for software development and how it fits together with his second passion, UI design, he will tell you himself:

Where I come from

After graduating high-school in the UK without any idea what career I wanted, I decided to enrol at university doing what I did best: messing around with computers, a.k.a studying Computer Science. During my degree, I worked for a small digital agency - no, not DieProduktMacher - and it was there that I fell in love with web development and UI design, which have since been my twin passions. After graduating, I worked for several companies in the UK, making software products for a variety of clients, including the University of Oxford, HSBC, and Deutsche Bank. I loved the variety and the chance to learn new skills and technologies. But although I enjoyed what I was doing, I felt like a change of location. Which brings me to…

Why DieProduktMacher?

I wanted to improve my German-language skills and experience living abroad. Munich was the best city in Germany that I had visited, so I started looking for work there. I was really excited when a recruitment agency put me in touch with DieProduktMacher. They appeared to have everything I wanted: a close, multidisciplinary team, which strongly valued learning and personal growth, making products for a variety of great clients. They flew me out to Munich to meet them, and by the end of that day, I was certain that this was the company I wanted to work for!

Looking forward to the future

DieProduktMacher made me feel incredibly welcome in the team. I want to give back and contribute as much as possible to the great projects that we’re doing. I want to make cool products for people. I want to keep improving my skills. I want to learn some new things, like mobile app development. Ich möchte mein Deutsch verbessern. And luckily, DieProduktMacher seems like the perfect place to do all of these!

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