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New member of the team: Jelle Kuipers, Frontend engineer


31. Okt. 2022 |

- min Lesezeit

New member of the team: Jelle Kuipers, Frontend engineer
Meet our new colleague Jelle Kuipers, who joined us as a Frontend Engineer in July 2022 and learn about the journey that got him here to DPM.

1. How did you end up at DPM?

After moving to Munich I was looking for a job at an agency, and I came across the DPM website. After looking at the application for my position and reading about the company, I knew I wanted to work here, as both described the ideal position and company for me.

2. What is your career plan after school and have you stayed true to it so far?

I got back into web development as a hobby during my master's. While I was studying cultural science, I did have the opportunity to research online (non-lineair) (public) television, which I was very interested in at the time - both from a social and a technical point of view. Instead of working at a television company or other media outlet after finishing my master's degree, I ended up working at a digital agency - first as a project manager, and later as a frontend developer, what I maintained up until this day - so I guess it just naturally evolved.

3. Can you tell us a little bit about your first months working at DPM?

When you're new at DPM, you get the time and space to get familiar with your colleagues and with the company. Everybody was (and of course still is) very welcoming, so I didn’t need much time to get used to my new position. As I came in during the year of the 10th anniversary of DPM, I was lucky enough to also be part of a couple of events to celebrate. All in all, it doesn’t feel like I have been here for only 3 months.

4. How do you balance work with your personal life?

It's a bit of a vague distinction between what I do professionally and as a hobby, as it's mostly the same or at least related. I just love to build digital products. When I'm coding at home, it's mostly focused on learning new things, which I can then use again professionally - or the other way around. I never get bored with making stuff, whether it’s digital products or music.

5. What makes DPM different from other companies?

In one sentence: It's a perfect balance between strategy, product & service design and development, driven by great people and company culture.

6. If you could have a career in anything, what would it be?

While I'm very happy having made my day job out of my hobby, combining a career in web/app development with a career in music would be a nice way to spend my days.

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