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New member of the team: Anja Stork


Anja |

18. März 2021 |

- min Lesezeit

New member of the team: Anja Stork
After working as UX Consultant and Product Manager for digital companies and supporting the digitization strategy of SMEs, Anja joined DieProduktMacher as a Senior Product Manager in October 2020.

How I became a ProduktMacher

I got in contact with DieProduktMacher many years ago on one of the great UX Mondays. Back then they talked about their experience with the Lean Product Canvas and how it influences their product strategies. I was really impressed by what DieProduktMacher were doing in their little basement office. Since then, they have already outgrown the office and I have also seen some changes.

While gaining lots of experience in UX and Project Management, I’ve also learned to develop sustainable product and service solutions based on user needs in an agile environment. For this, I enjoy exploring new UX and Product Management methods and experiment with tools and processes to further optimize and learn.

I have been looking for a team with similar experience and ideas, which I can feel a part of. The combination of flexibility and innovation of an agency with the responsible work of a Product Manager is a perfect combination for me. And that’s why I am a ProduktMacher now!

My Passion

Developing creative ideas and innovative solutions to launch products with genuine added value is my passion. As part of the DieProduktMacher team, where values like trust and positive attitude are self-evident, I am convinced that we will develop the best solutions for users with our personal strengths and professional skills.

I am convinced that it is important to know the needs of the users. This is as crucial as business goals and sets the basic conditions for a focused approach in a project. That’s why I like to integrate user habits and stakeholders’ ideas right from the start. I live and push this kind of collaboration during the whole project because together the best ideas come to life.

Of course, I always keep an eye on the goals and the core requirements during the entire project duration to reach the big picture in front of me. In the last years, I have faced challenges in areas such as entertainment, healthcare, and digital services for B2C brands, and B2B companies.

Looking forward to the future

The flexibility of my job, in combination with my family, is very important to me. The DieProduktMacher team understands this and supports me whenever needed. In the last few months, I could already experience the open corporate culture and appreciative atmosphere that emanates from the people here. I am looking forward to working together on many exciting projects and gaining further experience.

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