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New member of the team: Marina Adam


Marina |

13. Jan. 2020 |

- min Lesezeit

New member of the team: Marina Adam
Marina joined our Product Management Team in June 2019. She tells her story in three words: Empathy. Extrovert. Experiments.


How to establish emotional connections has always fascinated me. During my studies of Communication Science and Corporate Communications, I spend a lot of time evaluating communication concepts, finding the trigger that made people buy one brand and not the other, given that the quality of both products was equally good. What are the needs and motivations of people? What strives them to take specific actions? And how can they be influenced? Back then, I learned about the psychological rules of communication and interaction. Later I worked as a Consultant for digital products with the focus on User Experience. Now, I am keen to apply my knowledge as a Product Manager on the discovery and development of user-centered products to create products people love.


In the last years, I moved several times, living some time in Madrid, Düsseldorf, and Amsterdam. I really like to dive into different cultures and therefore also travel a lot. But I also like to meet new people right here in Munich and talk about our experiences. Therefore, I frequently go to Meetups to stay up-to-date about current trends and listen to interesting stories. Being an extrovert also helps me while moderating workshops where I am especially fascinated by the dynamics that can develop within a group. It is interesting to see how the gained output is not only tied to a well-structured method set but also highly depends on the diversity and character traits of the participants.
With my new position, I am looking forward to sharing my experiences with the team, equally learn from them and of course, use those learnings in the daily work with our clients.


I am a very curious person and am passionate about trends and innovations. In my free time, I tried a lot of different sports already, from swimming to yoga to hip-hop dance or kickboxing. And I never cook with recipes ;) Considering working methods, I like to disrupt current structures and develop work processes with fresh ideas. Also, I used to organize some innovation events to try out new tools and work with new methods. With regard to products, I like to see innovation evolve in Discovery phases, where structured insights are merged with creative ideas. Also, I am very much looking forward to our Crazy Fridays, where we work on our own products and innovations.

Being a Product Manager at DieProduktMacher, I am excited about my new challenges and about being part of the creation of great, valuable products that make life for people easier and more enjoyable.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.


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