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New member of the team: Sinah Peters


Sinah |

23. Juni 2020 |

- min Lesezeit

New member of the team: Sinah Peters
Love at first sight occurs hardly ever? Well, when Sinah (30) met DieProduktMacher the first time her interest sparked immediately. Why falling for DPM happened so quickly and why it still took some time until she joined us in May 2020 she will illustrate herself.

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

I strongly believe that finding your own path is a matter of challenging yourself constantly. I am not this kind of person who ended school and who only had that one goal, that one job profile, that one interest in mind and invested all her efforts towards this one direction. In fact, I have always been a generalist, being interested in many different topics and not necessarily aiming at becoming an expert in all of them. This way I chose experiments to become my instrument in defining who I am and what I want. As of today I am pretty happy where they led me to: DieProduktMacher. If I consider them as an experiment? Well, all life decisions are somehow. But at least this time I am VERY sure it will be a good one.

Product Management

While studying business and making my first experiences as an intern, I quickly shifted from my initial marketing interest to the - in my eyes - more appealing field of product management. However, my product management journey started completely offline and I was primarily focused on POS material before then turning my attention to applied product management in a mid-sized consultancy. Although, I had a lot of fun conducting workshops and working with clients on suitable solutions for their businesses, I had at some point realized that I was missing a big part of the cake, which I was increasingly curious about: the digital world and all its interesting features, which became integral parts of everyday life. So I decided to take a step back and start my individual endeavors in agile product management. Since then I had three exciting chapters, where I could deepen my knowledge and become the product manager I am today. A product manager emphasizing the importance of holistic concepts developed by interdisciplinary teams, who share the passion for finding the solutions users really need.

Why DieProduktMacher?

Having studied not only international business, but later on also history and cultural management, I was triggered by the idea of finding a job, where all the facets of my background would come together: consulting, product management, projects in fields I am deeply interested in. Didn’t take long until my internet research led me to DieProduktMacher and made me fall in love with their profile. Indeed, they seemed to combine everything I was looking for. I applied, got to know the people through the various interview rounds and the passion grew even further. But as things go, the timing wasn’t right and I had to open another chapter first in order to make my way to DPM, which I never lost sight of through the fact that I was working together with them as a customer. Now I finally got the chance to change sides and what can I say: the first days have been as promising as I expected. Looking forward to an exciting ride that has yet only begun!

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