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New in Team: Simon Hanke


Simon |

25. Feb. 2019 |

- min Lesezeit

New in Team: Simon Hanke
Movies are a recurring topic in the life of Simon (29). He studied theatre science with focus on movies, he worked in a cinema as well as for a streaming-service as a working student and his bachelor thesis in communication design was about a concept with the title "Cinematic Web". Since Oktober 2018 he is a ProduktMacher and supports the team as a UX Designer. Below he describes how that all fits together:

Theatre science and communication design, that sounds like the most unprofitable combination of romanticizing culture and self-realization. However I studied both. One after another. And finally I found a job, which has a practical-creative side as well as a theoretical-exploratory one. As a User Experience Designer at the ProduktMacher I am now in the position to work on relevant topics, put the user in the focus of my work and deal with design in an innovative way at the same time.

What happened so far

I wouldn’t have expected that my theatre- and film-theoretical background is a benefit for this job. After all movies, series and theatre productions are something different than digital products. However they are all stories in the end. And as narrative and creative aspects converge in UX Design, you can deal with the tension within these overlaps: staging and user guidance, narration and animation, dramaturgy and interaction, to name but a few. The point here is that as a designer you are always telling a story while as a narrator you are always designing the pictures in the heads of your audience. Hence these two things are closely related.

Also at the ProduktMacher everything is related closely as I learned in my first months here. You find a team that is highly motivated for its projects and that includes you from the very first moment. The team meets clients as equals and treats them with respect to elaborate together the best possible goal. And last but not least there is this special company culture with client projects and crazy Fridays, with team work and personal development and with the emphasis on the people in and around the company.

To be continued

Therefore there was soon a feeling that I have arrived at the ProduktMacher for me. But in line with our culture I am aware that it is just the beginning. Trying things out, learning and developing further are as well a part of the job of a ProduktMacher as innovative projects and happy, satisfied clients. So my way has just begun and the suspense surely will keep rising. Just as in a good movie.

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