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New in Team: Anne Drotleff, UX-Design


Anne-Kathrin |

19. Dez. 2022 |

- min Lesezeit

New in Team: Anne Drotleff, UX-Design
Meet our new colleague Anne-Kathrin Drotleff, who joined DieProduktMacher in the UX-Department and Marketing in December 2022. Let's learn a bit about her and her first weeks at DPM.

1. How did you end up at DPM?

I just finished my bachelors degree and was looking for a new job I could start afterwards. I did a lot of research, and finally, I somehow came across a LinkedIn post of DieProduktMacher. DPM had my attention from minute one because it matched my expectations with their values and projects. This impression was approved during the interviews I attended, and I am glad that my profile matched DPM as well. I applied to be a UX-Designer and due to my previous jobs, I got offered a half-time position in marketing in addition. To me, that means more creative and varied work, which I am really excited for.

2. What was your career plan after school, and have you stayed true to it?

I haven’t had a big master plan after school, but I always knew that I’d like to do something creative for work. In school, I learned about Digital- and UX-Design and decided to do my studies in Online media. During this time, I got more into designing and developing digital products as well as human behavior and psychology. I definitely stuck to the creative work-plan, and I am more than happy where I am currently at.

3. Can you tell us a little bit about your first day at DPM?

I got to know the team at the christmas party already, which was nice because I was greeted by familiar faces the morning I walked into the office. I was warmly welcomed with a coffee and a catch-up. Afterwards I got some time to explore the office, set up the laptop and I received helping hands everywhere. The lunch break was spent with tasty food and good conversations. I am happily looking forward to the following days and future projects.

4. How do you balance work with your personal life?

My personal life mostly consists of doing sports, which I can attend after or even before work, as well as on the weekend. As some of my colleagues are into the same hobbies, I was also able to join the bouldering crew to include an active lunch break into my Thursdays. So, I can stay fit and focused on work. Additionally, we have no fixed office days, so I can easily work from home, and therefore I can also visit my family and friends back home.

5. What makes DPM different from other companies that you have worked with so far?

It is the curiosity, ambition, and productivity as well as the fact that everyone enjoys what they are doing which impressed me. Each individual matters and brings in their experience and knowledge to create valuable digital products. Everyone really lives the company’s values. It really creates a unique, productive but joyful working atmosphere.

6. What are the five terms with which you could describe yourself?

Outdoor. Digital Design. Creating. Bike. Photography.

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