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Working together to implement successful digital solutions

Working together to implement successful digital solutions

Our world is changing rapidly. New technologies are popping up faster than ever. Maximising the opportunities generated by digitalisation requires agile methods and an uncompromising focus on user needs across all fields of business. This creates digital product experiences that lastingly strengthen customer and supplier relationships.

Our focus

A one-stop shop for digital services: Strategy, design, development and optimisation at the highest level

We help you maximise digital opportunities, digitalise existing business models, and successfully implement and optimise digital solutions in agile teams.

Our focus

Digital Product Strategy

Need to solve a user problem, implement a digital product idea or digitalise a business process?

We’ll work together to analyse the market, understand target audiences and develop new business models.

Services and Methods

  • Breakdown of market and potentials
  • Design Thinking
  • Customer Journey Workshop
  • Service Blueprint
  • Strategy Canvas

The Result

A focused vision and reliable prioritisation of potential ensures targeted implementation of digitalisation projects.

Successful project of reference: Freepik

Research & Discovery

Need to concretise a digital product idea and efficiently test its market acceptance through user insights?

We work together to examine every angle of the product or service. We’ll identify opportunities and risks, and formulate product requirements.

Services and Methods

  • User and Market Research
  • Ideation and Prototyping
  • Roadmap Definition
  • Technical Architecture
  • Proof of Concept

The Result

A clear technical concept and a product & design roadmap that enable a realistic estimate of costs and implementation scope.

Design & Development

Need to implement a digital solution?

Our team of product managers, designers, data specialists and engineers ensure a smooth transition from design to implementation, and expedite efficient project execution.

Services and Methods

  • Digital Branding
  • UI & UX Design
  • Design Systems
  • agile technical Implementation
  • End-to-End Data Products

Need to further develop an existing digital solution?

We work together to improve the user experience, optimise data projects, rework business models and appeal to new target audiences.

Services and Methods

  • UX Audit
  • Relaunches and Redesigns
  • Product Maturity Assessment & Product Coaching
  • Data Analytics
  • Product Squads

The Result

High-quality user experiences that generate added value for customers, suppliers and staff.

Effective solutions for the healthcare industry

Digital components for healthcare products that ensure strong patient relationships and sustainable competitiveness.

Scalable design systems

Flexible solutions that are perfectly tailored to individual business requirements.

Our approach

We assist you from initial idea to implementation

We cover the entire product-development process – from strategy, to concept and design, to technical implementation.

We’re set up as a complete product team

Our experts from the fields of product management, technology, UX design and data science ensuring a comprehensive approach to projects.

We focus on the human element

We provide consulting on equal footing. In doing so, we appreciate open dialogue and partnership-oriented relationships that continue beyond the final work phase.

We operate in an agile & user-oriented manner

We are gearing our work around user needs. Direct customer feedback and short development cycles enable us to speed up marketability and deliver fast results.

We’re passionate about our projects

We make our customers’ challenges our own and working eagerly on tailor-made solutions. Above all, however, we deliver results. Digital solutions that excite users and lastingly contribute to business growth.

And now? These are our first steps:

Understand the initial situation
For us it is important to understand where you stand, what your current challenges and topics are. We meet with you or call you, listen to you and ask questions to guarantee an individual solution.
Hand in hand we discuss potential appoaches: what makes sense, how do we assess this topic, how would we proceed. All of it is without engagement, for sure.
Does it lead to a project, we are very happy. We guarantee you that we will only make an offer when it really makes sense from our perpective. If not, we will tell you and explain why. We want to deliver real value to our cusomers.

We convinced you or do you have questions? We look forward to your message!

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Announcement: just product Conference X DPM