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Laura-Luisa Velikonja to become Head of Data at DieProduktMacher


DieProduktMacher |

26. Jan 2022 |

- min Lesezeit

Laura-Luisa Velikonja to become Head of Data at DieProduktMacher
New expert in Data Science: The appointment of Laura-Luisa Velikonja sees DieProduktMacher strengthening their portfolio in the area of Data.

Using data to offer genuine added value in the development of digital products: this is the goal of Laura-Luisa Velikonja, who is to become Head of Data at DieProduktMacher with immediate effect. In concrete terms, her work here will involve building more digital products that make use of Data Science or Analytics together with her team of six, including work across various sectors.

She is a qualified mathematician and started her career as a Data Science Consultant at the management consultancy Alexander Thamm, before a data hackathon led her to Telefónica Deutschland in 2016. Her most recent role there was as a Senior Data Scientist. She not only left her mark on the corporate group in terms of technical expertise in her work with large quantities of data and process automation, but also founded the internal community TelefónicaConnects along with a colleague – a network that strives to achieve greater diversity across all levels of the hierarchy and business.

“With the expertise of Laura-Luisa Velikonja, we respond to the increased need of our customer base, not only to examine data and AI solutions and build prototypes, but also to realise solutions, from data collection through to tangible added value for the end user,” says CEO and co-founder Fabian Dill.

“The agile environment of DieProduktMacher will give me the opportunity to strengthen and develop interdisciplinary project work between the data team and the other units in order to reconcile the business, user and data perspectives in an even better way. This will allow us to use data to identify and exploit new potential in client projects,” explains Laura-Luisa Velikonja.

Through her work, she also hopes to encourage other talented women to consider entering the field of Data Science – she will therefore continue in her role as a mentor for students at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), as well as remaining active in various networks.