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(Senior) Software Engineer (M/F/D)

(Senior) Software Engineer (M/F/D)

Are you struggling with unrealistic requirements, mad timings and outdated technology on a regular basis? Would you like to have a more direct line to the customer instead of playing a game of telephone each time something needs clarifying? Maybe we can help!

As a software engineer at DPM you design and implement software that solves real problems for real people.

We focus on developing user friendly and attractive digital products and are looking for (Junior/Intermediate/Senior) Software Engineers to join our team in Munich.

Our focus is on the frontend (web and mobile) but most projects need some help from a (mostly) serverless backend in some way or another. (Experience with AWS and/or Google Cloud/Firebase is appreciated.)

As engineers, we love digital - we love to try new things and develop our skills constantly, either on customer projects or during our internal Friday projects. We also constantly question our approaches and discuss how to improve our processes on a regular basis.

So if you are a fan of working on an international team with a focus on evolvement and interesting projects please continue reading.

We are looking for…

…real software engineers. Languages and frameworks are your tools, the basics of computer science your guide. You’ve built small, medium, or large digital products in B2B or B2C. You’ve been able to see them break and you’ve fixed them. You know when to apply which design pattern, invest time in architectural planning, and when to just build it.

We build innovative, data-driven products using the latest technologies and frameworks (i.e. Typescript, React, Swift, SwiftUI, Kotlin). Our projects vary from native augmented reality mobile apps to voice assistant applications to a multitude of different platforms that help our customers stay competitive in rapidly evolving markets.

As a team, we collaborate with other disciplines within DieProduktMacher (UX, Data, Product Management) and work for a variety of different customers – from greenfield startups to established international players.

We are looking for full-time employees only!

You are passionate about..

  • advance software development and the software development community
  • contribute to the team you work in
  • assemble prototypes to validate solutions and then rewriting your code for production- ... mit innovativen und neuen Technologien zu arbeiten
  • work with innovative and new technologies
  • ...well-designed software that is easy to maintain and modify
  • ...variety at work: no matter if you work alone on a small project or together with your team on larger projects
  • ...putting your project into production, experiencing it in practice and getting honest customer feedback.

What do we expect from you?


  • A college degree in computer science or equivalent work experience.
  • 1/3/5+ years of professional experience in software engineering.
  • Sound knowledge in at least one modern programming language (COBOL does NOT count).
  • You love to constantly evolve and learn new things.
  • Experience in building modern frontends (either mobile or web).
  • Solid understanding of internet protocols.
  • Knowledge of emerging technologies and their application areas.
  • An agile mindset, open to working in interdisciplinary teams.
  • Solid understanding of Linux and shell skills.
  • Optional: Experience in designing and building backend architectures, ideally on cloud infrastructure.

Soft Skills

  • You have self-directed work habits.
  • You are a team player.
  • You suffer from imposter syndrome, not just in the occasional round of among us!
  • You are passionate about your work and want to efficiently deliver high quality and reliable products.
  • You have configured your IDE to use spaces instead of tabs ;).

That's what we offer you

  • A transparent salary structure
  • 4+1 working days (4 days of project work, 1 day for team exchange and work on internal projects)
  • Choose your own equipment and tools - laptop, phone, IDE
  • Flexible working hours
  • Home office if needed
  • Flat hierarchies
  • Individual personal growth plans, transparent levels for promotion
  • Events & conferences
  • One week surf/beach/mountain-office
  • Free coffee, drinks, beer and fruit

That is how it will go on:

First Meeting.


First Meeting.

Within a first interview via telephone or directly in our office you get to know us, our way of working and what is important to us. On the other hand, we want to get to know more about you: what are your abilities, what drives you, what do you want to achieve? After that we decide how to go on.

Professional Interview.


Professional Interview.

Within this interview you get to know your department. Together we discuss your current development and previous experiences. Often this includes a small exercise or even a "homework" in order to better assess your knowledge.

Cultural Fit.


Cultural Fit.

Each new employee complements out team. That's why it is important to us that it fits on a personal basis as well. During an easy-going conversation with collegues from other departments it is all about getting our way of working and our values accross to you and understanding your motivation and personal vision. That way we make sure that we can offer you what you expect.

(Senior) Software Engineer (M/F/D)

Ready for a new challenge?

We are looking forward to receive your meaningful application documents incl. salary expectations and earliest possible entry date.




Announcement: just product Conference X DPM

Announcement: just product Conference X DPM