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Digital solutions along the patient journey

Digital solutions along the patient journey

The urgency to digitize health products has increased significantly over the past three years and the global pandemic served as a catalyst here. Increasingly tech-savvy users are also forcing companies to offer a digital component to their healthcare product.

Meeting the demand for digital healthcare

We understand the challenges of meeting the demands of increasingly digital competition, including shorter time to market and changing requirements. To ensure a top-performing product, we collaborate with our clients to develop a clear and validated product vision, establish reliable timelines for product design and implementation, execute targeted product development aligned with set KPIs, and deploy a highly skilled team of experts who work self-sufficiently.

Our expertise in digital health

We take a comprehensive view of the product development process, identifying potential areas for improvement and providing data-driven insights to guide decision-making. Our team manages the entire product development process, from ideation to launch, ensuring that the product meets set KPIs and is delivered on time and within budget. We work with diverse teams to bring together knowledge from all areas of the company to develop user-friendly and effective solutions that meet the changing demands of the digital healthcare industry.


Cross-functional teams provide end-to-end services, reducing handovers and costs, from conception to successful product delivery.

Short time to market
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By defining a focused product vision and reliable prioritisation of potential we ensure a targeted implementation of market relevant products.

+10 years of experience
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+10 years experience in digital product creation and a proven track record in the digital health industry enable us to reduce risks and avoid failures.

Seamless project handover
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To give you full control and independence from external teams the entire project is designed to be returned smoothly to your company.

Our focus: The Patient Journey

circle diagram overview of healthcare system and focus on patient

Health is a wide field.

Our focus is on the patient
and their healthcare-related interactions.

circle diagram overview of healthcare system and focus on patient
doctor We have experience with doctor to patient and doctor to doctor communication
world We worked with global medical device providers for omnichannel experiences
app We create health-related apps for children, caregivers and families

Our clients

Impactful Collaborations

Our successful collaboration with partners has resulted in the launch of several digital healthcare solutions. We have highlighted a few of these applications in the following section, detailing our partnership with each of them and the impact we were able to make for both patients and healthcare professionals.


Digitised Patient Request Management

Medflex is a data-secure messenger that offers an easy exchange between everyone who is important for medical treatment success. By this, patient requests can be managed, bundled and delegated - with the benefit of decreased work load of the doctor’s office team. This leads to a highly increased efficiency and an improved overall patient experience.

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Ambulantes Kinderhospiz München

Psychological support in crises for families

With it’s application “Mut - In illness and crisis” the AKM provides a digital offering that covers the whole patient crisis cycle. From the diagnosis of the disease until afterwards, it provides relief, support and care for affected families. Extensive specialist knowledge, as well as child-friendly information on illness and death, complete the offering.

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Get in touch with our experts

Do you want to know more about our expertise in digital product design to drive the digitization of health applications forward?

Kamila Stanitzek

Kamila Stanitzek

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Felix Rehbach

Felix Rehbach

Senior Product Manager

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