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New member of the team: Benedict Schlag, Service Designer


10. Feb. 2022 |

- min Lesezeit

New member of the team: Benedict Schlag, Service Designer
Meet our new colleague Benedict Schlag, who joined as a Service Designer with the DieProduktMacher in January 2022, and learn about the journey that got him here to DPM.

1. How did you end up at DPM?

My overarching purpose is to learn how to design digital products and services that meet the needs and solve the pains of its end customer. I was looking for a suitable agency/consultancy that matched me and my expectations in terms of people and culture. I became aware of DPM through a friend from my student days who already works at DPM. I have joined the service design & concept team in which I can leverage my previous experience where I have designed creative problem-solving experiences.

2. What was your career plan after school and have you stayed true to it?

I am honest, I had no plan, and no real ambition. I've always been more of a 'Macher' and not someone who likes to devote himself exclusively to theory. That's why the school wasn't the environment in which I thrived. I don't believe in planning life, the big things in life are usually not planned anyway, right? And life is lived forward and understood backward. Therefore, I rely on my intuition, my feelings, my interests, my passion to decide what the next best action is.

3. Can you tell us a little bit about your first days working at DPM?

Sure, I'll give you some insight. To summarize: It feels to me like I've been working here for a while. This has mainly two reasons. Firstly, I have been encouraged to take time to arrive, to learn, and to cultivate relationships. Secondly, I have been involved in projects from the very beginning. I appreciate that very much. Additionally, I got to know the many great meeting formats like 'Awesome Friday', 'Exchange Friday', team events, etc.. Overall, it feels to me like a great environment to learn and grow.

4. How do you balance work with your personal life?

Mentally, I don't separate work and personal life. For me, it is one life. Follow your passion, follow your interests as much as possible. Do what you love to do. Sounds so romantic, I know. I want to see work as something I want to do rather than something I have to do. As much as I enjoy working, I also try to make sure that none of my other priorities suffer. I am happy that DPM provides me an environment where this is emphasized.

5. What makes DPM different from other companies?

I deliberately don't want to make a comparison with individual companies here and rather highlight what I particularly like at DPM. What impresses me at DPM is the open, kind, and entrepreneurial spirit that every employee brings to the table. I observed a psychologically safe, focused, and joyful working atmosphere. Great value is placed on people and their needs. This applies to both - the customer and the employee.

6. If you could switch your job with anyone else within DPM, whose job would you want?

UX Designer. Why? I find the psychology of user behavior fascinating and have a soft spot for appealing and user-friendly design. I think that I would fit in quite well there.

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