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The Customer Journey Workshop: An Integral Part of Customer-Centric Growth Strategies


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28. Juli 2022 |

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The Customer Journey Workshop: An Integral Part of Customer-Centric Growth Strategies
Who are your customers and what do they need? Where do you have gaps in value creating interactions with your customers? These questions need answers…

Developing A Customer Centric Mindset

The customer journey is the most useful starting point for continued innovation and value creation. We want to ensure that your customers enjoy that journey with you, not your competitors. To achieve this, we zoom out to see your entire offer in context.

Our customer journey workshop is designed to solve problems. The outcome is a clear action plan that you and your team can implement together. This is achieved by discovering potential opportunities and removing barriers. With a clear overview, you’ll be able to clearly prioritize the action steps you need to take.

This kind of objective analysis can be hard without the input of a third party. That’s where we come in.

Mapping the customer journey leads to clear insight and decisive action.
Mapping the customer journey leads to clear insight and decisive action.

Why Customers Approach Us

Our clients normally approach us when they feel stuck in some way. Customer Journey Workshops are an evidence-based and data-driven tool to remove the feeling of strategic paralysis that leads to indecision.

Common challenges include:

  • The need to innovate and grow: There’s a strong desire to identify opportunities for growth, as well as retain existing customers. The CJW takes a holistic view to digitize the core business and identify additional product & service opportunities.
  • The need to prioritize: Several initiatives are run in parallel without tracking their real impact. They’re owned and implemented by different departments (“We’re successful but we’re not sure why”). This leads to communication problems and can make attribution a real challenge, leading to overspend. The Customer Journey Workshop can reveal better ways to share data and help prioritize based on impact.
  • The need to align: Different organizational units work on the same initiative from within their separate silos which creates duplication and an inconsistent customer experience (we’re back to that first statistic again). The Customer Journey Workshops unifies all departments and stakeholders to make them feel involved and ensure they’re working with a single vision.

The 4-Step Process

1. Map Existing Knowledge

We review all the existing material you have about your customers and their interaction with the business. We consolidate the knowledge along a customer journey map to align everyone and identify gaps in the existing knowledge.

2. Link the Journeys

In most customer journeys there’ll be some overlap between the different target groups and stakeholders, by visualizing how all these touchpoints relate to each other, we can identify potentials in creating more lasting and efficient relationships.

3. Map the current solutions

After creating the holistic picture of the journey from a customer perspective, we map the existing offering and solution ideas to evaluate how the needs are currently covered.

4. Identify Potential and Prioritize

When we have the map of the current customer offer, we then look at the areas for improvement and prioritize based on customer value and business value.

Prioritization of solutions based on added value and timeline
Prioritization of solutions based on added value and timeline

What to Expect

The results of the workshop vary depending on the client and their business.

Because we take a macro view of the business and its customers, we’re able to recommend a wide variety of initiatives. Opportunities for improvement can be discovered at every stage of the funnel.

These include for example:

  • Improving the workflow of the existing Customer Relationship Management system
  • Taking a more patient approach to conversion by guiding customers along their journey until they feel ready
  • Setting up a portal for partners and colleagues to share user data more effectively

How Long to See Results?

Results typically fall into time-frames:

1. Quick Wins – We help the client to identify small gaps in the journey that are easy to close. This could be small changes to UX or sharing techniques for conversion optimization.

2. Medium Term – With increased clarity, the product vision becomes much clearer. There’s generally a better collective vision for the product within the existing marketplace.

3. Longer Term – The core benefit of a customer workshop lies in understanding the customer better and how your offer relates to the customer and the marketplace. This overview can clarify strategic direction and reveal new business opportunities.

The DPM Way

We see the client’s problem as our problem. We try to find the angle that works best for our clients, and we adapt our approach to help them meet their goals.

We’re here to facilitate growth; sometimes listening, sometimes guiding but always bringing the focus back to the customer and how we can serve them better.

Cross-functional Approach

At DPM, we develop product strategies based on market and customer requirements and your business goals. This means that we need to take an interdisciplinary approach, seeing how customers and potential customers experiences each element of a business. Through helping our clients to integrate and unify their teams, they can better leverage the wealth of knowledge, research and expertise within their whole organization.

The Customer Journey Workshop creates an aligned vision of how the company interacts with its most important target groups. This helps to close any knowledge gaps and creates a clear picture from which to make decisions and draw useful conclusions.

Ongoing Support

Our support and guidance doesn’t end with the workshop. Our Discovery and Building team are always available to support clients on bringing workshop insights to real world action.

As the market changes, the customer experience must evolve with it. For this reason, the Customer Journey Workshop is a useful, ongoing opportunity for reflection and strategic analysis.

Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people.

– Steve Jobs

Example: Customer Journey Map

In the example below, we visualized a customer journey together with a client from the health industry to see how the pieces of work fit together.

Example: Healthcare Customer Journey Mapping
Example: Healthcare Customer Journey Mapping

Workshop Schedule

The Customer Journey Workshop normally takes place over two, half-day sessions:

Day 1: Understanding and Alignment Here we look at the existing customer journeys and collate the data from different stakeholders. We identify challenges and opportunities - Involve and Include.

Day 2: Prioritizing and Creation This session is all about identifying potential and creating clear steps to achieve it - Take Action.

Workshop Features Fully tested format that works remotely or on-site Interactive break out sessions. This means people can collaborate immediately, even when working as part of a large international team


The Customer Journey Workshop is an integral part of an organization’s digital strategy. It provides a framework to identify growth potential from the customer’s perspective:

  • It’s an important step in creating a truly customer-centric digital experience
  • It can be used at any stage of growth to improve existing services and innovate new solutions
  • It helps to ensure alignment across countries and buy-in from the most important stakeholders
  • It neutralizes the paralysis of not knowing what to do next

Customer expectations are evolving rapidly. The Customer Journey Workshop is all about closing the gaps between what customers expect and what you deliver.

It’s all about connection. And the connection feels good!

Ready to learn more about our Customer Journey Workshops?


Contact us - Get in touch with any questions!

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