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INTO THE WILD - Why Do Product Discovery


Sinah |

08. Apr. 2022 |

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INTO THE WILD - Why Do Product Discovery
Every great adventure leads into the unknown. This applies to adventurers such as Christopher McCandless, who went INTO THE WILD to discover who he really is, just as it does to product teams who undergo a discovery to gain a deep and genuine understanding of their users' needs.

Why Do Product Discovery?

Instead of jumping into build mode too early and risking burning money, time, and resources on building something that customers reject, the discovery process ensures that a product idea is desirable for users, viable for the business, and feasible from a technical perspective.

Sinah Peters, Senior Product Manager at DPM, explains in the episode of Digital Log by DPM why doing a product discovery is essential to ensure that product managers and teams are on the right track in prioritizing and building a product that will be successful. Together with host Robert Wagner, Senior Product Manager UX at DPM, she discusses the following topics:

  • What is Product Discovery
  • Why do a Discovery
  • Why you should fail fast to learn fast
  • How to move from problem to solution space
  • How to ensure a smooth implementation
  • The DPM way: How do we conduct Discoveries at DPM?
  • How to establish a discovery mindset
  • Outcomes of a product discovery

Watch Digital Log by DPM on YouTube, listen to it on Spotify - or wherever you get your podcasts.


Sometimes you have to let go of your initial ideas to unleash new potential. When you start looking through your users’ eyes and thereby explore some new and more promising ideas, you can uncover unexpected business areas.

Sinah Peters Senior Product Manager


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