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Design Sytems: Consistency and Efficiency at Scale

Design Sytems: Consistency and Efficiency at Scale

A design system is the backbone of efficient and effective product design. With a well-structured system in place, you can establish a central "source of truth" that ensures consistency and scalability across all platforms.

Challenges of scaling design

Product development is changing, and customers experience your organization through a variety of digital touchpoints (web, app, social etc.). The more complex the ecosystem, the more important it is to have a common thread to hold your brand together.

Typical challenges include:

  • How can we avoid redundant work?
  • How do we ensure consistency between design and engineering?
  • How can we make comms, and coordination more effective?

Why a simple style guide is not enough

A simple style guide only provides basic guidelines for branding and messaging. A design system, on the other hand, offers a more comprehensive approach that can address the complexities of design across different teams, channels and platforms.

The challenge in design is more than ever to master design complexity. And the solution to tackle this complexity is a system approach.

Benefits of a Design System

A design system provides structure for everything you do. Good structure saves time and money. Your team can produce new products and features quickly and efficiently. By reusing components, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel every time. The resources you save can then be re-deployed to enhance user experience (UX) and solving complex problems.

  • Design Systems optimize collaboration between design and development
  • Design Systems reduce waste and increase ROI
  • They are an essential framework for agile growth
  • To scale sustainably, a digital business clearly benefits from a Design System
Benefits of a Design System
Benefits of a Design System


Creation of a multi-brand design system

By creating a comprehensive design system in close collaboration with the Global Savings Group, design components can be standardised across widely varying brands and several different touchpoints. In addition, product design and development expenditures are lowered and the consistent quality of the user experience is ensured.

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How we support our clients

Our tailored packages include various elements like audits, style guides, pattern libraries, and design templates that can adapt to their unique needs. We also offer consulting services to help clients implement their design systems effectively and efficiently.

Our flexible approach allows us to create solutions that integrate seamlessly into existing workflows and can scale with the business’s growth.

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Kamila Stanitzek

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Kay Kleinschmidt

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