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New member of the team: Isabel Römisch


Isabel |

10. Feb. 2020 |

- min Lesezeit

New member of the team: Isabel Römisch
Isabel (28) joined DieProduktMacher in June 2019 and is working as a UX Designer. What she has done before and how this led her to DPM, she will tell you herself:

My journey

I have always been the classic analogue artist, painting with any colours I could get into my hands. During my studies of communication design at the Akademie u5 in Munich, I got thrown into the digital world. At University, I got my first hands on a Macbook and tossed my old Ubuntu machine. I got into the entire creative suit, even learned a bit of 3D and went from analogue to digital.

After the University I started working in an advertising agency creating analogue print design. After half a year, I quickly realised that this is not for me and got an offer to work as a 2D artist in a gaming company that produces Facebook and mobile games.

I have never learned as much as in those 3 years about the gaming industry: how to animate, illustrate even better, work in a fast pace environment together with developers, and I finally got into user interface design. I immediately knew that this is what I am very passionate about. As an artist making UI for games is probably one of the most fun, yet difficult tasks you can get in the industry. The amount of information you have to provide to the users and guide them through a game can get overwhelming. It’s a challenging task and you can learn a lot while solving it.

Why DieProduktMacher?

After 3 years in the gaming industry I wanted to learn more about user experience design and problem solving. I wanted to complement my knowledge by combining what I have learned in the gaming business with what I can learn in the industry in terms of design and innovation. I want to learn not only how to create a user-friendly game experience, but also how to optimise people’s digital every day needs in a playful way.

And this his how I got in touch with DieProduktMacher. Where would I better apply my skills than in a company that creates products for the customers and wants to solve their problems? I found out about them over LinkedIn, their website immediately spoke to me and I loved the products and projects they were working on. I applied and after my interviews and having met die ProduktMacher in person, I could immediately see myself working with the team and fulfil my goals to learn and grow into a better UI/UX designer.

My Experiences so far

I got welcomed into the team and could experience now first hand the motivation that comes from the people. I love the companies’ values, hands on mentality and their commitment to every project we work on. After a view months working here I could already learn so many new things and I still have a lot to explore and achieve at DieProduktMacher and I am looking forward to continue my journey here and to become a better UX designer with their help and expertise.

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