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Lean Brand Canvas

Lean Brand Canvas

How to Brand Design in no time!

In our daily life as UX Designers, we use so many best practices and focus a lot on user needs, that we tend to forget how to also reach them emotionally. How can we assure to go beyond UX patterns that are exchangeable and create a unique experience? How can digital design be branded in short time and still have a base that makes design explainable and sustainable? How can the strategic design process be made more fun and easily explainable?

The canvas is a powerful tool for designers working with early startups trying to define their first product, as well as for designers at established corporations setting up new product branches and expanding to new target groups.


To help us in our daily work, we developed the Lean Branding Canvas which works like a cheat sheet – getting first results and visual directions in just one day.

Sarah Wöhler Creative Director

Any questions about the Lean Brand Canvas?

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