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Digitization of product range and expansion of the service provider Azelis

Digitization of the product range and expansion of the digital service offerings to strengthen the role of Azelis, a leading innovation service provider in the speciality chemicals and food ingredients industry. The customer and service platforms created in the process are considered key pillars of the chemical group’s digital growth strategy and its successful IPO.

Services: User Research, Strategy, Implementation

The Challenge

The task was to bundle various digitization initiatives in a complex corporate environment into an overall strategic concept covering all digital touchpoints. The launch of additional online portals and services aims to extend the company’s digital offering and ensure an efficient customer journey across the entire Azelis ecosystem.

Screenshot of Azelis Customer Portal

Customer Portal

The Azelis Customer Portal is a connected experience that inspires users with trends and inspirational content for selected markets, linking users to formulations, products, and related documentation.

Screenshot of Azelis e Lab


The Azelis e-Lab is an addition to the company’s Customer Portal. The e-Lab solution provides access to formulation and ingredient recommendations, aligned with feedback received from customers who were first on-boarded.

Screenshot of Azelis Partner Portal

Partner Portal

The Azelis Partner Portal provides suppliers with insight into the sales pipeline, key figures, and reports, and creates added value through bundled information on product innovations.

Our Solution

The product and service offering has been translated and expanded into the digital era. Specifically, the new Partner Portal provides suppliers with insight into the sales pipeline, key figures, and reports and creates added value through bundled information on product innovations. In addition, a Customer Portal has been created to provide customers with digital access to the Azelis product portfolio. The new e-Lab expands the core business of the chemicals supplier with an innovative service that enables the independent compilation, optimization, and order of formulas.

Our Approach

Our holistic approach enabled us to support the planning and implementation of the new online portals, the pooling of resources, and the development of new strategies and structures. Workshops with international stakeholders across various business functions resulted in the bundling of individual digitalization initiatives. User research provided deep insights into the experiences, habits, and needs of different user segments. Customer journey workshops helped identify weaknesses that affect customer experience and served as a basis for making strategic decisions for implementation.

Azelis worked closely with DPM to implement a new level of digital service offerings for the speciality chemical industry. DPM provided strategic input, product discovery, product creation, and technical know-how supporting Azelis in this journey. Ultimately, these new digital services compliment Azelis’s traditional business channels while strengthening their relationships with customers and suppliers as well as opening up new channels to market.

Matt Nancekivell, Digital Solutions Director at Azelis




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