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You’ve come to the right place

You’ve come to the right place

We love diversity. What unites us are our values and convictions. Flexibility, open communication and methodical approaches are important to us. We experiment, play and never stop learning. We work together to create an inspiring working environment. And develop successful digital products.


Unsolicited Application
We caught your interest but there is no appropriate position vacant? Get in touch with us anyway. It is important to us to grow step-by-step and to complement our team reasonably - maybe exactly you is missing!
Apply proactive
You are a freelancer and we should definitely work together? Sure, just send us your portfolio/work samples and your contact data. We are looking forward!
Introduce myself

Application Process

First Meeting.


First Meeting.

Within a first interview via telephone or directly in our office you get to know us, our way of working and what is important to us. On the other hand, we want to get to know more about you: what are your abilities, what drives you, what do you want to achieve? After that we decide how to go on.

Professional Interview.


Professional Interview.

Within this interview you get to know your department. Together we discuss your current development and previous experiences. Often this includes a small exercise or even a "homework" in order to better assess your knowledge.

Cultural Fit.


Cultural Fit.

Each new employee complements out team. That's why it is important to us that it fits on a personal basis as well. During an easy-going conversation with collegues from other departments it is all about getting our way of working and our values accross to you and understanding your motivation and personal vision. That way we make sure that we can offer you what you expect.

Team & Way we work

Robert Wagner


We attach importance to further training and development. Constant feedback, dialogue and detailed measures build the basis.

Thomas May


Cool individuals

Anja Stork

Further Development

Marina Adam
Maria Kostal


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