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Working together to shape the digital future

Working together to shape the digital future

No matter what the future holds, it will be digital. That’s why it’s important to start maximising the opportunities generated by digitalisation now. As experts in digital products, services and platforms, we ensure our customers’ digitalisation projects achieve lasting competitive edges. Our approach prioritises speed and efficiency while maintaining full transparency and the highest quality standards.


Founding year




Proactive ‘doers’

About us

DieProduktMacher GmbH was founded in November 2012 with a clear vision: We wanted to create digital solutions that drive growth and generate added value for businesses, customers and society. With our deep understanding of the latest technology, our focus on data, and our user-oriented approach, we ensure results of the highest calibre.

We’re a team of over 50 experienced product managers, creative designers, data specialists and software engineers who share this vision.

Every single one of them is, and always will be, an individual; what unites us are our values and our passion for digital products.

Our Values

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We’re constantly evolving – as individuals and as a team. We invest in relationships and play with new ideas. And we give ourselves the necessary scope for this. It keeps us creative and makes us successful – not just today, but also tomorrow and beyond.

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Not everyone is the same. Only through individuality and genuine personalities can new ground be broken. We respect these differences, accept other opinions, and always act as a team.

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We are supportive. We share our knowledge, all relevant information, and our thoughts.

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We want to shape the future. With digital solutions that excite users and make businesses sustainable. We’re proud of our results.

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We lay our cards on the table, share our knowledge and are honest. We’re always happy to lend an ear to colleagues and customers, even after the final work phase.

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We respect every individual in every context and situation. We stay on eye-to-eye-leve. No gossip.

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We know what we’re talking about, and work passionately on digital solutions. We make our customers’ challenges our own.

Why do we call it AWESOME Friday?

We're very passionate about our clients’ projects, but we're also keen on implementing our own digital product ideas. That's why we use our Fridays to dedicate ourselves to our own projects and to support our personal and team development.

Our customers benefit from our experiences:

  • We test the latest technologies and trends on our own projects.
  • We are always methodically and professionally up to date.
  • Our learnings are directly incorporated into our clients’ projects.

Team & Way we work

Franca Frick


We attach importance to further training and development. Constant feedback, dialogue and detailed measures build the basis.

Thomas Spenler


Cool individuals

Simon Hanke

Further Development

Andreas Schäfer
DieProduktMacher GmbH


When we founded DieProduktMacher, we wanted to build a company which is different and puts people in the center of attention. Regardless if user, customer or employee. When we look back now we are proud that we got this far. Nevertheless, we won't stand still and want to develop further.

Kamila Stanitzek Managing Partner

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