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We build digital solutions that excite users and grow businesses.

We build digital solutions that excite users and grow businesses.

Looking for proactive ‘doers’ who are honest with you, who are even willing to tell you the odd uncomfortable truth, and who combine a business, technology and user perspective? Then we should team up.

Our services

We combine strategy, creativity and technology.
Our interdisciplinary product teams ensure a seamless process for developing digital solutions – from the initial idea, to implementation, to launch and optimisation.

Product Strategy

Identifying potential, developing a product vision

Need to solve a user problem, implement a digital product idea or digitalise a business process?
We’ll work together to analyse the market, understand target audiences and develop new business models.

Research & Discovery

Understanding users, reducing risks

Need to concretise a digital product idea and efficiently test its market acceptance through user insights?
We work together to examine every angle of the product or service. We’ll identify opportunities and risks, and formulate product requirements.

Design & Development

Bringing digital solutions to life, creating an impact

Need to implement a digital solution?
Our team of product managers, designers, data specialists and engineers ensure a smooth transition from design to implementation, and expedite efficient project execution.

Our Projects

Our Projects

Featured Clients


Managing Partners

In our projects, we bring together the business, user and technology perspectives. We help to further develop existing products as well as to validate new business ideas. It is important for us to advise and implement meaningful projects. Our customers appreciate that.

Managing Partners Kamila Stanitzek & Fabian Dill, Managing Partners

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