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New Member of the Team: Robin Konhäuser, Product Analyst, DieProduktMacher GmbH


19. Juli 2021 |

- min Lesezeit

New Member of the Team: Robin Konhäuser, Product Analyst, DieProduktMacher GmbH
Robin joined DieProduktMacher in April 2021 and is working as a Product Analyst. Where he is coming from and why he chose DPM, he will tell you himself:

My Background

Initially, after finishing school, I didn’t have any idea of what I wanted to do professionally. After dabbling in different areas for a bit I settled for a job in the field of life sciences. Working with lots of data within this complex environment on a daily basis inspired me to learn the necessary skills in order to analyse and evaluate sophisticated problems more self reliantly, so I decided to go back to university. After finishing my bachelors degree in Bio-Engineering, I wanted to challenge myself by working on my analytical/logical skills and leaving my comfort zone. As such, acquiring my master’s degree in Statistics was the next logical step for me. While searching for a position in data science, I stumbled upon DPM.

Product Analytics

Following a very appreciative interview process, I was offered a position as a product analyst at DPM. Knowing basically nothing about the field of product analytics at the time, I spent a few hours reading a brief introduction on the topic and was intrigued. Product analytics seemed to offer the challenges that drove me back to university roughly five years ago, so I accepted the position. As a product analyst, I benefit from my strength in quickly familiarizing myself with new topics and their challenges. Thinking of possible implications that our clients’ business decisions can have and taking the optimal steps to advance our customers’ products turned out to be a lot of fun. As such, the job of a product analyst is the perfect fit for me.

Why I chose DPM

Having previous work experience - albeit in another field - when coming from university, I knew what I was looking for in a company, specifically in regard to my future co-workers and the underlying work ethics. Right from the start, it has been an absolute pleasure communicating with DPM, and now I can say for sure that the interest they showed towards me as a human being during the interview process has not been a facade. Additionally, promises such as mutual respect, a general open-mindedness and the constant drive to improve together are not just buzzwords at DPM. Right from the get-go, I was able to contribute to projects in a meaningful way while having constant support from my colleagues and a fun and efficient onboarding process. I am looking forward to a long working relationship with DPM and can’t wait to learn new skills and evolve myself in this supportive environment.

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