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New member of the team: Peter


DieProduktMacher |

19. März 2019 |

- min Lesezeit

New member of the team: Peter
Peter joined us in September 2018. Having spent the last couple of years in the UK, working for big names like Facebook & Yammer, he has now found a new home at DieProduktMacher.

My Story

I started developing websites when I was 14. My first website was a small site to share homework with my class mates. After finishing school I completed an apprenticeship in Germany and after completion went to the UK. I worked for some small british and some bigger american companies over there. All of this gave me a lot of experience in software development. The most notable companies were Microsoft (as part of Yammer) and Facebook. After the Brexit referendum I slowly started to think about returning home after almost 7 years of staying abroad. It was a big step for me and it took me a while to get settled here again. After all these years it was weird for me to speak again my mother tongue German and it took some time to get back up to speed.

Why Software Development

I love building products that people enjoy. People often underestimate the positive influence software can have on our society. Connecting people and sharing information has the potential to change society in lots of good ways. This is my goal, to create useful software and make our world a little bit better.

Why DieProduktMacher

On the day I finally flew back to Germany, my flight got diverted. We ended up waiting 1 hour at a different airport until the plane took off again. So I chatted to the guy next to me who turned out to be a software developer as well. I asked him if he knew modern software companies in Munich which provide a working atmosphere similar to the silicon valley startups I was used to. He mentioned DieProduktmacher and the next day I already sent an application.

Now that I’m here for a while, I can say that I made a good choice. The people I work with are a lot of fun and already feel a bit like an extended family. DieProduktMacher is a very open company which makes it very easy for every employee to participate in how the company works. It’s easy to introduce new ideas, from what technologies we should use, all the way to employee compensation model. There is no topic we can’t give our opinion about and aren’t listened to. Also the wide range of competency in the company still amazes me. Our wide range of customers also require a wide range of knowledge. From having an idea, to implementing it, to measuring its success, we have experts for it. All other companies I worked for so far were very narrow in their knowledge and focus. I love learning about other industries, how they use software and take part in the digital transformation.

I’m happy I found DieProduktMacher and I’m looking forward to all the time to come 😊

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