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New member of the team: Fabienne Vatter, Intern UX Design


DieProduktMacher |

22. Aug. 2022 |

- min Lesezeit

New member of the team: Fabienne Vatter, Intern UX Design
Meet our new colleague Fabienne Vatter, who joined us as an Intern on the UX Design team in August 2022. Let's read to see what Fabienne's understanding of working as an intern at DPM is like and her key takeaways as well.

1. How did you end up at DPM?

I'm currently studying “Digital Product Design and Development” in my fifth semester, and I have a mandatory internship scheduled for this semester. I wanted to take the opportunity to get to know a digital design consultancy. I did a lot of research and finally came across DieProduktMacher, which exactly matched my expectations. The combination of design and development is exactly what I’m looking for. DPM's focus on providing customer-centric digital experiences in multiple areas such as art & culture, healthcare, and technology piqued my interest.

2. What is your career plan after completing your education?

I would like to combine my passion for travel with the opportunity to expand and improve my work in different areas. Therefore, after my bachelor's degree, I would take the chance to get to know the world better, face new challenges and continue to expand my knowledge. I would like to use this time to continue exploring and gaining experience in different fields, such as development, AI Research, AR and VR Applications, or exploring new technologies and methods in innovation labs. After that, I would like to get a Master's degree to finally get a foothold in the working world.

3. Can you tell us a bit about your first day at DPM?

I was welcomed directly in the office with friendly faces and warm coffee. There is a lot to explore, learn and try out. I was already able to become part of the first UX Monday Weekly and get to know the UX team. There are helping hands everywhere and I also spent my lunch break enjoying company and having nice conversations. Working in a real big city office for the first time is pretty new and exciting for me. I'm very curious to meet more people and get to know my first projects tomorrow.

4. How do you balance your work along with your student life?

Fortunately, I can fully concentrate on my work at DieProduktMacher, as I will be working here entirely as part of my mandatory internship. In February, I will return to my everyday student life and start my semester abroad in Estonia. Until then, I'm super excited to see what working and living in Munich will be like.

5. What makes DPM different from other companies that you have worked with so far?

Since I have worked remotely from Schwäbisch Gmünd in an UX department so far, I am especially excited about what to expect in the office routine and working on site in a team. I'm looking forward to not only work on projects alone, but to work in constant exchange with others. It will also be the first time that I get to know the work of a design agency that is particularly dedicated to working in the digital space.

6. What are the five terms with which you could describe yourself?

Enthusiastic - Nature loving - Experimental - Creative - Curious

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