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New member of the team: Lukas Antesberger


30. Aug. 2019 |

- min Lesezeit

New member of the team: Lukas Antesberger
Lukas has already been supporting the tech team as a working student since Oktober 2016. Now he joined DieProduktMacher as a full time employee. He will tell you himself, why this is a win-win situation for everyone:

When I started working at DieProduktMacher I had also just begun my Master’s degree in Human Computer Interaction. Back then I really wanted to continue my studies because there were so many topics I was still interested in from an academic point of view. Also, I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to have a semester abroad. At the same time I felt strongly urged to not only apply my newly gained knowledge and skills in university projects but also in a more professional setting. At DieProduktMacher I found a perfect match to do exactly that: Here I could work both on internal and customer projects, develop nice products for a wide audience and was often provided with feedback from experienced colleagues allowing me to sharpen both my programming and soft skills. A very nice aspect beside this was that my working hours were always flexible enough to not interfere with my university obligations. I even could work remotely from the Netherlands when I went there to study for half a year.

The perfect combination of practice, theory and new technology

At DPM I was often fully integrated into projects and could really gain a lot of hands on programming experience. To go just a little into detail: I mostly wrote html, css, javascript/typescript, and python, worked with many different frameworks like React or Fractal, developed for craft cms, and gained a lot of experience with the AWS stack. In general, working students in our tech team are valued and thus not being tasked with loads of tedious work or asked to get the experienced employees a cup of coffee 😉. This way I was able to refine my web development skills, work on chatbots, voice interfaces, and most interestingly learn about a professional dev environment that was way different compared to what I was used to from university and private projects. Considering that, at the same time, university allowed me to get in touch with cool technologies like AR, VR, machine learning and AI, I really could not imagine a setting for my past two and a half years which would have taught me more than I have learned this way.

Looking forward to working full time at DPM

The decision to start working full time at DPM was strongly motivated by the working environment as well. I didn’t have many employers until now, but I still think that this company is somehow special. I really enjoy the way of communication, the spirit and motivation of my colleges, and overall structure encouraging everyone to involve theirselves in discussions about how to improve all the before mentioned even further. This and much more made me enjoy the weekdays I spent working here even more than my study time (which I really liked as well!) and I’m very happy that there are now five instead of only two of them.

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