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New in Team: Harshita Gupta


DieProduktMacher |

30. Aug. 2018 |

- min Lesezeit

New in Team: Harshita Gupta
Since the beginning of April, Harshita Gupta(23) has been supporting the tech team as Software Engineer at DieProduktMacher. How, she will tell you herself:

While doing the undergrad back in India, in my freshman year I got a chance to learn about android applications development and soon I started developing them. During the semester breaks, I did several internships to get the industrial exposure and better understanding of working and collaborating in teams to develop user-centric solutions. To extend my learning, in 2016 I started contributing to various open source projects and got selected in Google Summer of Code(GSoC) in 2017 which embarked my journey to the web development. After completing the GSoC, I started working as a web developer in one of the Indian Startups in the field of e-commerce. As I started working on bigger and more web projects I started liking it more. Since the beginning of my career I was open for learning new technologies and opportunities, so when I got to know about the Digital Product School which is a 3 months program for building a new age digital solutions, I applied there for the role of Software Engineer and soon after the interviews I got an offer from them. This is how my journey to Munich began.

Why DieProduktMacher?

DieProduktMacher being a partner to the DPS organized a workshop on the Lean Canvas from where I got to know about them. The workshop was taken by Kamila, Giorgia, and Natalie. During the workshop, I got to know that the number of males to females ratio in the company is almost equal which amazed me because it’s really difficult to find such a good gender ratio in the Tech World. Also when I got the chance to interact with more people I realised how nice and cool they were. I was very happy to see how passionate they were about the work they are doing and first thought which came to my mind was, wish I can work there, which I didn’t know at that moment would be soon fulfilled. After a few days, I got to know about the open position for Software Developer through Kamila and without any delay, I applied for it and soon after the interviews got an offer.

Being a non-European and not knowing German, it wasn’t easy for me to get the work permit and start working but I was lucky enough that I had the full support of the company and especially Fabian and Josephine who helped me a lot during the whole the process.

Looking forward to the future

It has been a great experience to work at DieProduktMacher until now and I am very much liking it. I not only got the chance to learn and work on various new technologies but also got opportunities to work collaboratively within the team and across the other teams which helped me in growing both, personally as well as professionally. I am looking forward to working on the upcoming interesting projects and create impactful digital solutions.

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